About Us


In the middle of the last century, in order to have a better life, the ancestors braved the difficulties and traveled from mainland China to Nanyang. This group of people works in various industries in Southeast Asian countries. Among them, who are doing business, settled in the market of Georgetown city. At that time, the neighbors called them "Deng Sua Xin Ke" (in Hokkien Dialect). Kean Bee has been in business since 1963, commonly known as "foreign goods store". Now it serves everyone in this small corner.
In 2020, the old shop owner retired from the physical store, and the small shop owner wanted to continue the traditional memory of the father who grew up with her, so he moved the old shop online. They hope to provide everyone with a shopping space for "old foreign goods". In addition, our store has also developed a health care space to promote the quality of life and health of all friends.